Mettle and FreeAgent will start sharing category and receipt information for transactions to make your book-keeping easier. To use this feature in Mettle:

  • When you make or receive a payment, tap either the notification or the transaction on your Money feed

  • Pick a category and snap a picture of your receipt (we provide the same transaction explanations as FreeAgent)

  • When we send the transaction to FreeAgent we’ll also explain it and add the receipt as an attachment

We’ve turned sync on from 1 June 2021. For transactions sent to FreeAgent before 1 June nothing will change unless you make a change to them in FreeAgent. You’ll need to head to FreeAgent to update your category if you haven’t explained it yet.

If you get some help from an accountant or prefer to sit down to explain your transactions in FreeAgent later, Mettle will receive a notification that the category has been updated and show the same category in the Mettle app.

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