Transaction sync was released on 1 June 2021, for transactions sent to FreeAgent before that date you will need to explain the transaction in FreeAgent for it to show in the Mettle app.

There are a small number of cases where categories selected in Mettle will not show in FreeAgent. This is usually for one of the below reasons:

  • FreeAgent requires additional information to be provided to fully explain that transaction. For example the category ‘Bill payment’ needs to be linked to a bill, ‘Credit note refund’ needs to be linked to a credit note

  • You have deleted or edited the transaction in FreeAgent. If the category is no longer available or has been edited from the standard FreeAgent settings we won’t be able to sync that particular category between Mettle and FreeAgent

  • The transaction is locked; once a transaction has been included in your accounts it will no longer update if you change the category in Mettle.

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