To make a payment click on the Payment screen. You’ll be asked to select a payee or create a new payee if they don’t already exist within Mettle.

Similar to the mobile app, you’ll be asked to add in the relevant payment details.

We’ll then ask you to authorise the payment on your mobile phone – you’ll have five minutes to do this.

You’ll receive a push notification to the mobile device that you’re logged into your Mettle account on or, alternatively, you can head straight to the app and will be able to see the payment approval page.

To approve the payment you’ll need to authenticate using your passcode or biometrics, in the same way you do when logging into Mettle. We’ll let you know if the payment was successful.

If you see this message or receive an email asking you to approve a payment and it wasn’t you who made the request, get in contact with our Support team immediately, by calling the number on the back of your Mettle card.

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