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How do I update permission levels in FreeAgent?
How do I update permission levels in FreeAgent?
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To fully connect your FreeAgent account to the Mettle app, you need to have tax and banking permissions in FreeAgent.

The person who set up your FreeAgent account will be able to increase or decrease permissions. This is usually your accountant.

To update these permissions, the account owner should complete the following steps:

  • In FreeAgent, select 'Settings' from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner

  • Select 'Users'

  • Select the relevant user’s name

  • Slide the 'User Permissions' to level 7 or above

  • Select 'Save Changes' to confirm the new permission level

Can't see your tax calculation?

If you're connected to FreeAgent and you can't see your tax calculation, go to your FreeAgent connection screen in the Mettle app and tap 'Refresh consent'.

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