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How do I add cash to my account?
Updated over a week ago

If you're using the Mettle bank account

You can deposit cash by generating a barcode in-app and then presenting this to a Post Office branch to deposit cash.

A barcode can be generated by following these steps:
- Log in to your Mettle App
- Go to the Account screen
- Select 'Add Money' (at the top of the screen under the card image)
- Select 'Deposit cash at the Post Office'
- Go through the screens until presented with 'Create new cash deposit'
- Enter the amount you want to deposit
- Confirm the amount
- Take this barcode to the Post Office with the correct amount of cash to make a deposit

You can add between £10 and £500 at any one time. There is a daily deposit limit of £500, and an annual limit of £23k.

After making a successful cash deposit, the money will be credited to your Mettle account before close of business the following working day.

​If you're having issues making a Cash Deposit, our support team will be happy to help. Please drop us a message in app.

If you're using the e-money account

You can add cash by taking your card to any Post Office or PayPoint location. We won't charge you for paying cash in at either of these locations.

If you add money at the Post Office, you'll need to use Chip and PIN to make the deposit. These deposits will show on your account straight away.

If you use a PayPoint location to add money, it can take up to 24 hours to show.

Look at our transaction limits FAQ to check your deposit limits for your account.

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