You can export all of your transaction and bookkeeping data (invoices and receipts) in one simple download, making preparing your accounts and taxes simpler.

To export multiple invoices or receipts:

  • Go to the 'Account' tab
  • Tap 'Transactions and statements' and click on 'Export transactions'
  • Select "Main account" and the date range
  • You'll then be asked whether you want to include receipts and invoices, which you can toggle on and off.

We’ll give you a unique link that will allow you to share this data securely, for example with your accountant for up to seven days, so you don’t need to worry about attachments being too big to share. You can also manage this link, deleting it as and when you want, keeping you in control of your data, otherwise we will automatically delete it after seven days.

To export individual receipts:

  • Select the relevant transaction on the 'Home' screen
  • Click into the image
  • Press the export icon, which will open the share sheet allowing you to export the individual receipt
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