To export your transactions, click on the Home screen and select ‘See all transactions’ under the Transactions options. You will then see a button that says ‘Export transactions’ in the top-right corner of the screen.

Here you’ll be presented with a series of options such as:

  • The file format you’d like to export i.e. CSV, Excel, OFX or formats compatible with accounting software (like Zoho Books, Sage, Quickbooks, Crunch, FreeAgent, Xero)

  • The date range

  • Types of transactions you’d like to include, and any attachments like receipts, invoices, transaction categories and notes

This will generate a download link straight to your device with your export. You can use this link to share the export with your accountant for example. Should you wish to expire that link, you can do this from within the mobile app under ‘Manage devices’.

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