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Can I opt out of Confirmation of Payee?
Can I opt out of Confirmation of Payee?
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Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is an industry wide service to help protect customers from making payments to incorrect accounts or by falling victim to scams.

In order for CoP to provide benefit, it is really important that where possible, everyone participates in it. For your payment safety and security, Mettle strongly recommends that all customers remain opted into CoP.

Opting out of CoP will mean that if you're the recipient of a payment, the payer will be unable to confirm your account details. This may discourage them from following through with the payment. However, if you have a Mettle bank account, you'll still be able to use the CoP service when you're making payments out from your account.

To discuss opting out of CoP, please contact us via our in-app chat. If you do opt-out, you'll be able to opt into CoP again at any time.

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