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How will Confirmation of Payee affect me?
How will Confirmation of Payee affect me?
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Creating a new payee

If you have a Mettle bank account, when you set up a new payee, a Confirmation of Payee (CoP) check will be made against the name of the person or business you want to pay with their bank:

  • You'll need to choose the type of account you are paying i.e. personal or business

  • If you're paying a person, please use their first or main name and last name

  • If you're paying a business, please use the business name or trading name registered to their account

  • If you are paying a payee that requires a reference, we'll ask for you to enter a reference, check with payee if you are unsure what to enter

You'll then receive one of the following possible outcomes; match, partial match, no match, account switched, incorrect reference, unable to check account. You’ll be advised to check entered details in case of partial match or no match. If you receive the outcome of account switched, incorrect reference or unable to check account you'll need to check the details with the person you are trying to pay.

This functionality is not currently available on our e-money accounts but is something we are working on.

Payments made to you

The account details you provide to the person or business who is trying to pay you'll be CoP checked against the actual name held on your account.

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